Travel insurance: why cheap policies can cost you dearly

As insurers compete to offer the lowest prices, fees and exclusions have been rising

Rachel Taylor had booked a holiday cottage in the Lake District as a treat for her mother. Two weeks before their holiday her father became seriously ill and she had to cancel. He died soon afterwards. Since the payment was non-refundable, Taylor claimed the £646 cost on her travel insurance. To her astonishment, she was told that she was only entitled to half that.

“I was told it was because there were two people travelling, and my policy paid out on a per-person basis,” she says. “I argued that the cost for the week was £646 for the cottage, irrespective of the number of people, the entire booking was in my name only and I was the only person who had suffered any financial loss. How can my mum be expected to make a claim when her name does not appear anywhere on the booking confirmation?”

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