Fast fashion is eating up the planet – and this feeble government enables it | Gaby Hinsliff

Nobody needs a £1 bikini. This is a hugely polluting industry and it’s pathetic that ministers have refused to act

How long would you expect to keep a bikini that cost only a quid?

It’s always possible that women will treasure forever something costing less than a bus fare, I suppose. But let’s just say few of us are likely to be handing the £1 black two-piece launched by the cut-price online retailer Missguided this week down to our daughters. This is practically the dictionary definition of throwaway fashion, stuff designed to be worn a couple of times and chucked at the end of the summer. It’s pitched as a bit of fun, but when you factor in the environmental cost of making the fabric (polyester can be made from oil byproducts or recycled plastics), shipping the bikini from wherever it’s sewn together and ultimately burying it in landfill – suddenly it doesn’t seem quite so feel-good.

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