Consumer groups urge Coalition to crack down on dodgy payday lenders

Ongoing delays prompt warning that predatory behaviour continues to force the vulnerable into debt spiralThe Coalition insists it is progressing new laws to crack down on dodgy payday lenders as consumer advocacy groups warn ongoing delays will see mor…

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What would Hawkie do? Why Australia’s economy can’t afford more denial and drift | Katharine Murphy

Australia must turn its back on a decade of obscene squabbling and unshackle itself from a carbon intensive economy • LIVE: Australian federal election 2019 – Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten head to the polls as voting beginsIt’s been profoundly obviou…

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Google must be broken up due to its ‘overwhelming’ power, News Corp says

Media giant tells Australian inquiry Google’s search engine and advertising platform should be separatedGoogle should be broken up to restore a level playing field for media companies swamped by its “overwhelming” market power, News Corp has told the c…

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CEOs should reveal how much more they earn than their average worker | Greg Jericho

It takes the average CEO less than five days to earn the average full-time annual wageThe ALP is on a bit of a workplace-transparency tear. First they announced a policy for companies to reveal their gender pay ratios, and then in a speech on Tuesday, …

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There’s a new cultural war taking place – and it’s targeting progressive tax | Greg Jericho

The government’s income tax plan could fundamentally alter the way our society operates Often when we hear talk of cultural wars, it’s about political correctness and a desire to glorify some skewed vision of western civilisation. But the real war to c…

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Wages growth stuck at 2.1%, putting Coalition forecast in doubt

Shadow treasurer says budget forecast of 2.25% growth in 2017-18 is ‘problematic’Sign up to receive the top stories in Australia every day at noon The forecasts for wages growth in the Turnbull government’s budget are already in doubt, with new data sh…

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Labor’s dividend tax policy is smart, bold – and dangerous | Greg Jericho

The proposal, while highly subject to fear-mongering, can deliver on many fronts, all of which will be fully paid for

The belief that there is no difference between Labor and Liberal hasn’t been true for a while now, but this week, with the ALP’s policy to end the Howard-Costello enacted cash refunds for excess dividend imputation credits, everyone knows where the line between the parties is drawn. And it marks Bill Shorten as a leader prepared to argue for the prime ministership instead of hoping to win it by default.

Remember the old days of the small-target strategy? Forget that. This week, the ALP saw Shorten stand up and tell everyone to take their best shot.

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