US-China soy trade war could destroy 13 million hectares of rainforest

Study suggests Brazil likely to rush to fill China’s sudden soy shortfall by boosting farmingThe Amazon rainforest could be the greatest casualty of the trade war between the United States and China, warns a new study showing how deforestation pressure…

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Supermarkets say Brexit could empty shelves. That’s a risk they chose to run | Andrew Simms

The big retailers’ business model has made food shortages more likely in the event of a no-deal Brexit“The shops will be empty” and “the lights will go out” are the staple warnings of commercial interests that have an axe to grind or are looking for pu…

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Stockpile food in the event of a no-deal Brexit? Dream on | James Ball

Our supply chains work on a ‘just in time’ basis and have neither the space nor the money for a surplus. Dominic Raab, take noteThe government is spending the summer trying to prove to its backbenchers, the public and the EU that it is genuinely prepar…

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How the chicken nugget became the true symbol of our era

This is what happens when you turn the natural world into a profit-making machine. By Raj Patel and Jason W MooreThe most telling symbol of the modern era isn’t the automobile or the smartphone. It’s the chicken nugget. Chicken is already the most popu…

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Bacon without the guilt? Nitrite-free rashers to hit British supermarkets

Northern Irish food manufacturer Finnebrogue says its Naked Bacon contains no preservatives, E numbers or allergens

Bacon that is said to be free of nitrites, preservatives, E numbers and allergens will soon appear on supermarket shelves in what is being called “a remarkable feat of food technology”.

The Northern Irish food manufacturer Finnebrogue claims its Naked Bacon contains no nitrites – salts from chemical or natural sources added as a preservative, anti-microbial agent and colour fixative.

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