Microsoft becomes third listed US firm to be valued at $1tn

Company beat sales and profit expectations to join Apple and Amazon in prestigious clubMicrosoft has become the third publicly listed US company, after Apple and Amazon, to boast a market value of more than $1tn after bumper quarterly results boosted i…

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Can Spotify and Dropbox finally prove that tech is a sound investment?

After a disappointing flotation for Snap, the music service and the data storage site have their doubters as they head to market

The message to investors from Spotify last week had a familiar ring for any veteran of the tech gold rush: “The trend towards profitability is clear.”

The music streaming service is hoping to banish the memory of a difficult year for technology flotations. Similar promises of digital alchemy – heavy cash investment transforming into an ever-burgeoning bottom line – followed the stock-market launch of Snap last year. So far, investors in the owner of Snapchat have been underwhelmed, but last week 35-year-old Daniel Ek, Spotify’s co-founder and chief executive, was adamant that his music streaming service would deliver the kind of returns that have proved elusive for tech upstarts since the blockbuster float of Facebook.

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Lloyd’s says cyber-attack could cost $120bn, same as Hurricane Katrina

World’s oldest insurance market warns cost to global economy of cyber-attack could be as much as worst natural disasters

Lloyd’s of London has warned that a serious cyber-attack could cost the global economy more than $120bn (£92bn) – as much as catastrophic natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

Published two months after a ransomware cyber-attack that hobbled NHS hospitals and hit nearly 100 countries, a 56-page report from the world’s oldest insurance market says the threat posed by such global attacks has spiralled and poses a huge risk to business and governments over the next decade.

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Read more the no-backup backup service I trusted to store my valuable files

I paid my subscription but when I needed to restore all my documents to my computer it said they were lost

I subscribed to the cloud backup service operated by in 2014, then backed up daily. Its website promises: “Your files are constantly backed up and you can access them at any time from any device in the world”.

In particular, the “restore” feature allows “disaster recovery” to restore lost files in the event of a computer crash. Last November I had a PC problem which meant I had to reinstall Windows. I then tried in vain to restore my files from the cloud.

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