Bras for £2, pyjamas for £5 … how low, low prices keep Primark tills ringing

The chain’s onward march seems unstoppable, but eco awareness among younger shoppers could pose a problem

One shopper has come from Denmark and spent over £1,000. Grans, mums and schoolmates are all filling baskets with T-shirts, sequinned trousers and pyjamas. This is Primark, the cut-price fashion chain that has grown from one shop in Dublin in 1969 to become the UK’s biggest seller of clothing, offering everything from pants and socks to headphones and party dresses.

It already sells more items of clothing than any other retailer, and this year it is expected to overtake Marks & Spencer to become the biggest clothing retailer by value, too. While M&S is rapidly losing sales and closing shops, Primark is expected to account for £1 out of every £14 spent on clothing in the UK this year, according to market analysts GlobalData.

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