‘I don’t trust the government to look after me or my dog’: meet the Brexit stockpilers

Some people are stockpiling food, medicine and even pet treats in anticipation of mass shortages after a no-deal Brexit. Are they overreacting, or should we be following their example?Jo Elgarf doesn’t look like you would imagine a prepper to look. She…

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Dirty Money review – Alex Gibney left choking with rage by VW

To open a new series about business malpractice, the film-maker presents a thorough – and thoroughly angry – investigation into the Volkswagen emissions scandal

I thought I knew the VW emissions scandal story quite well. But I’ve never seen it so well laid out as in this documentary, Hard NOx, one of a new investigative Netflix series from Alex Gibney about scandal and corruption in the business world.

It is mainly told from a US viewpoint but the story is a global one, from 2015, when the German car manufacturer was discovered to have installed defeat devices to dupe emissions tests, affecting 11m vehicles.

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