TalkTalk … and talk some more, as we’re billed £207 for 10-hour mobile call

Network claims my elderly parents’ call from a mobile to my VoIP internet line, lasted 10 hours. But I can prove it lasted a few seconds

My mother and stepfather recently rang my home phone from a mobile. At the time I was forwarding my calls to an internet VoIP line, and although I can prove that the call only lasted a few seconds, TalkTalk’s billing system has logged it at over 10 hours and has charged them £207. Both their mobiles were cut off, and the couple – who are pensioners and rely on their landline to be able to phone doctors etc – were threatened with that being cut off, too.

We have complained, spending hours on the phone. A 50% discount – which I had turned down as, in my view, it needs to be written off completely – was withdrawn. In the end, my parents paid £140 to keep their phone connected. CJ, Winchester

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