Microsoft boss: tech firms must stop ‘if it’s legal, it’s acceptable’ approach

Exclusive: Brad Smith says firms must help define and live by standards before they are forced on themTech companies should stop behaving as though everything that is not illegal is acceptable, says Microsoft’s second-in-command. Instead, they should f…

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Social media firms to be penalised for not removing child abuse

UK police and charities praise plan to hold firms liable for not taking down harmful contentNew laws proposed to tackle social media companies streaming child abuse, extremism, terrorist attacks and cyberbullying have been welcomed by senior police and…

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Society faces ‘tsunami of harms’ from lack of online regulation

Jeremy Darroch, the chief executive of Sky, calls on EU to introduce new rules, as he says giants such as Google work in a ‘largely lawless landscape’

The chief executive of Sky has warned that society faces a “tsunami of harms” on the internet in a stinging attack on online giants such as Google and their lack of regulation.

Jeremy Darroch said there are “serious questions over the veracity, safety and legality” of online content and called for the European Union to lead the world by introducing new rules that make the internet safer and more responsible.

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